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Dogs and Us

Dogs and Us

“Dogs and Us” is intended to help you with considerations about a professional photoshoot of your dog, how to prepare your dog and yourself for a great session, and share some other fun stories along the way! I will share with you my experiences of individual dog photography sessions in the Delaware area, so you can see and decide for yourself what a valuable and important service this is to your family. If I can entertain you along the way then that’s great, too, but no promises 😅.

I’m excited about this new launch for a lot of reasons but the main one is: I love dogs! I find each and everyone of them beautiful and loving souls. When I see them on the street, I can’t help but smile. I wave at them, smile at them, and usually end up stopping for a quick chat and pet. 😁 I look at them and they look back. We connect and it’s meaningful just like when they look back at you. When I photograph your dog, I bring this awareness and level of enthusiasm to the set of our photoshoot whether it is in studio or on-location.

Throughout each session, we have a relaxed fun time, and get great images along the way. Thank you for stopping in and look forward to sharing more with you about my journey and even photographing your pet someday, too! Your dog is your family and by the way… When is the last time you had some great photographs taken of your 🐶 family?

If you are interested in a private session, please contact me or call the studio direct at 302.316.0085 and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process and get your dog scheduled.


On-Location Dog Photography

On the day of the shoot, I greeted everyone out front of our pop-up studio and helped them into our space. We took some time to all get acquainted and comfortable with each other first. The dogs looked and smelled around and already could smell the dog treats…

On The Road

ANNOUNCING: Ashburn, Virginia — OCTOBER 12-13, 2022 Delaware Dogs is “On The Road” and coming to Ashburn, Virginia on October 12th and 13th for private dog photography sessions. Book a session by filling out the contact form and I’ll see you there!

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