Why professional dog portraits matter and how you can benefit from booking a session with a professional photographer.

Portraits of Dogs

It’s a Dog’s Life

Professional dog portraits speak to our family.

We pet owners enjoy a special relationship with our furry friends. Whether they are AKC or a rescue or some version in the middle, we love them all the same. Our love for our pets runs deep. They are there for us and we are there for them. We feed them, walk them, pet and cuddle them. And, in turn, they devote their lives to us by keeping us alert to dangers by barking, snuggling us when it’s bedtime, and reminding us in their way that they are hungry because we’ve gotten “busy.”

I love dogs. I relish taking professional dog portraits because I understand how meaningful they are to their owners. I would love to take your dog’s portraits and here’s why. There is something remarkable about seeing your dog in all of his/her character blown up in print on your wall. There is magic in looking them in the eye and sharing the moment. Everyone has cute snaps of their dog on their phone, but they are lost in an endless scroll of other “moments” and screenshots never to be seen again.

Don’t let the time slip away.

I have many clients that have shared the unfortunate and all too real experience of losing their dog to illness, old age, or something else, but so cherish the time we spent collecting meaningful, professional images of their dogs. Their pet’s devotion, love, and memory lives on in print as a daily reminder well after they’ve departed. Nothing can fill that void of losing a loved one, but a portrait series somehow does make it better. I feel it’s because I create portraits of dogs as the owner’s see them. I form a real connection in a short period of time that owner’s can see and appreciate in their images. I like that. I enjoy giving this opportunity to people.

Don’t wait.

If you would like to learn more about me, my process, and schedule a session. Please visit the website to begin https://delaware-dogs.com or call me at (302) 316-0085.

John Yeatman Jr.

Dog Portraits Near Me

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