On-Location Dog Photography

Dog Photography

Did you know I provide on-location dog photography sessions?

Just a couple weeks ago, I travelled to Ashburn, Virginia and held private sessions over a two day period photographing some beautiful dogs for their owners. The owners signed up online for their hour time slot ahead of time and were given directions to where we would meet once confirmed. I sent everyone some tips and suggestions for a successful shoot well before we met so that comfort for the dogs was maintained and a quality product was achieved.

On the day of the shoot, I greeted everyone out front of our pop-up studio and helped them into our space. We took some time to all get acquainted and comfortable with each other first. The dogs looked and smelled around and already could smell the dog treats I use as motivators! Once relaxed, we moved into action to capture a wide variety of looks for each dog. I pride myself of getting genuine expressions and character from each of the dogs I photograph. I want the owner to see the dog, their dog, as they see them each day. We shoot then take breaks then shoot some more until I feel that we have it. The dogs get a lot of treats along the way!

When we are done, I compile the best images into private galleries, and send an email link to the owners. From here, they can select their favorites for purchase. Once payment is confirmed, the editing/retouching process commences and final images are complete within 7 days.

Here are a few final images from our sessions in Ashburn, Virginia…

To learn more about scheduling a private portrait session for your dog, please contact me here.

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